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Corporate Bonds

4th Issuance of CORSAN Debentures
Description Nonconvertible debentures, tax-advantaged debentures
ICVM 476 and Law 12431
Issuer Companhia Riograndense de Saneamento – CORSAN
Legislation ICVM 476 and Law 12.431
2nd series 3rd series 4th series
Financings R$ 150.000.000,00 R$ 115.000.000,00 R$ 335.000.000,00
Interest rate (p.a.) CDI + 2.25% IPCA + 4.3854% IPCA + 4.8330%
5 years 7 years 10 years
Annual, from 2nd year onwards Annual, from 4th year onwards Annual, from 4th year onwards
Interest payment Biannual, no grace period for all series
Expiry date 02/15/2026 02/15/2026 02/15/2031
Tax Exemption No Yes Yes
Asset Ticker RSAN24 RSAN34 RSAN44